Another Church Phase Shift

The Day After

As every Jewish person knows, yesterday was the holiday of Yom Kippur. We observed Yom Kippur with our church body as one unit. It did not go as planned for the reason that YHVH had other ideas of what atonement meant for each of us within the body. Within the body of the Messiah, one must learn to bob and weave with change. There is no other arbiter of what needs to be done than Spirit. One must then do what Spirit wants done.

Our Outreach

Though there have not been many updates, we did our outreach to what we felt constituted Ephraim. Mostly, this appears to be composed of many Christian Churches at this juncture. We had some limited success in this endeavor. It seems to me that many churches are simply unresponsive to the changes at large. Perhaps this has to do with coping. In other words, there is so much going on that is disturbing, it could be many churches are simply digging their heels into tradition to feel a sense of sameness. Still, others, despite YHSVH declaring that He was Jewish and came for the Jews appear to have some resentment toward anything Jewish. This mentality is a little like saying that you like the band the Rolling Stones but absolutely hate the vocals of Mick Jagger. In other words, it is very difficult to profess a belief in following the Messiah and then in the same instance be somewhat AntiJewish. The Messiah takes care of correcting the Jews for you so you do not then have to go about doing the job He already did. Further, one is supposed to be grafted onto the tree and to both love the fruit of the tree and the root as well as the tree. This, it appears to me, is controversial for most churches in practice at this juncture and therefore Ephraim has some issues to sort concerning these matters.

Shifting from James

It has also become apparent as a church that our focus is beginning to shift. Whereas this church declares itself to be modeled on the Church of Jerusalem as James would have had it, the reality is that the actions of the body are not in total alignment with this notion. To be sure, this church has acted in a capacity that is consistent with James in many particular instances. However, on the average, especially as it has evolved, it is more in alignment with other Founders. James, as YHSVH intended him, I contend, is the bedrock on which the church was to be built so further endeavors would have an example of how the church was supposed to function and act. I would say this church has learned that foundational lesson and has been a resounding success in the instances it acted. However, like the Church of James, when it acted in Jerusalem, this church has often had to act alone without brethren to support it in the way the Torah instructs despite being surrounded by those who profess to be bound by Torah either through YHSVH or through the Old Testament or both. It seems that a Church of James challenges the notions of both courage and integrity. This indicates to me that this is why James was placed in a position of authority in the church of Jerusalem. He must have had these qualities.

What Are We Shifting To?

The answer is we are not sure yet, but it is under discussion. There are new exciting possibilities. The message we have will not change. However, whereas the Church of James is heavily Jewish in its root since it was in Jerusalem, many other founders were not in the gates of the Heavenly City and so opens the possibility for other lost sheep to identify with what we represent and value. YHSVH came for ALL the lost sheep, and not just a specific subset. As a church, however, we often find ourselves best called to certain places to cater to certain kinds of people since those are the ears the spirit is impelling us to reach.

Stay Tuned

So, if you are curious as to what is next, stay tuned to this page and see. As always, if you wish to support us, the donate button is plainly visible.