Faith and Our Values

The Values of Our Beliefs

YHVH commands those of us who follow Torah to observe certain laws and provisions as part of His set aside people. In what way are we set aside? Well, a big way in which followers of the Torah are set aside from others concerns actions which are intrinsically pagan or Canaanite.

What is a Canaanite?

A Canaanite was one of the grandsons of Noah through Ham who was cursed owing to seeing his father’s nakedness. Furthermore, the Canaanites were seen near the Anakim in Israel. The Anakim were otherwise known as Nephilim, or the offspring of fallen angels.

The Canaanites Liked to Party

The Canaanites were judged by YHVH as unfitting tenets of the land because of their sinful lifestyles that involved idols and sexual practices that were not sanctioned by YHVH. History suggests that the Canaanites engaged heavily in same-sex intercourse:

"A number of readers asked for it. My source is a midrash (that is, a work of Biblical interpolation) called Sifra that elaborates on Leviticus. The reference to same-sex 
marriage is unmistakable. Coincidentally, this particular note on the text comes in the context of this week’s Torah reading, Acharei Mot-Kedoshim. Sifra is ancient and   
authoritative. A common traditional view attributes its editing to Rabbi Hiyya, who was active in Tiberias, Israel, a bit after 200 CE. The Encyclopedia Judaica would push up 
the date of its authorship a couple of centuries. Either way, it’s very old and records interpretive oral traditions that are older still.Some context: Leviticus 18 records the  
forbidden sexual relationships, including homosexual intercourse (v. 22). The list is prefaced with the statement, “Do not perform the practice of the land of Egypt in which 
you dwelled; and do not perform the practice of the land of Canaan to which I bring you, and do not follow their decrees” (18:3).

Sifra explains there about those “decrees”: “And what did they do? A man would marry a man, and a woman would marry a woman.” The end of the chapter in the Bible warns, “[T]he  
inhabitants of the land who are before you committed all these abominations, and the land became contaminated. Let not the land disgorge you for having contaminated it, as it   
disgorged the nation that was before you” (v. 27-28)."

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The ancient Israelis who both left Egypt and entered Canaan ought to know what they were talking about since historically they were there and are a surviving tribal group that inhabited those places and also have their history intact.

What does this Mean?

It means that as Mishpat Messianics, we cannot support the ideas behind gay marriage. To do so would be tantamount to our suggesting that we should all be destroyed and vacate the land. If we love YHVH and the land, then we must necessarily not support these types of relationships. Is that to suggest that those who have such relationships are inherently evil? If we think of evil as a highway, perhaps we might say that it is rather like taking the exit marked “In bad standing with YHVH.” It does not mean it is our job to regulate the relationships of people who choose to engage in these behaviors. It does not mean it is our job to go knock on their doors and witness to them or boycott or protest what they do on the grounds of their chosen sexual expression. It may mean, however, that we cannot shop at certain establishments that promote such values. It could also mean that we are in the position of having to deny certain requests from such groups. Blatant discrimination is, of course, unnecessary and inappropriate unless we wish to also all be taken to task for wherever we ourselves are out of alignment with concerning Torah. One can not support a thing and also not hate those who do that thing.

What Happened in Israel With this Group?

Well, the Bible story did not end well, because the Israeli people were afraid of the Canaanites and the Nephilim. Whereas up to this point they had to wander for two years in the desert, after the refusal to heed what YHVH told them to do in taking possession of the land they were required to wander for another 38 years and were denied entry into the land itself.

The Same Thing is True Today…

The same thing is true today because we are afraid to speak out against things like gay marriage when YHVH requires us to because we are afraid we will be sued or taken to task for whatever the issue concerns. The problem, of course, is that if we are not free to speak about things like these, or else are unwilling, we run the risk of incurring the wrath of YHVH and having the land and the people destroyed. Which is a worse thing to experience in the end? Being persecuted unfairly or being part of the reason why the land and its people are destroyed? These things keep us all from entering the “promised land” and instead cause us all to have to roam about in a spiritual desert until such time that YHVH has had enough and chooses to destroy us because we have degraded into something of which He does not approve.

Accordingly then…

When you donate funds to us, we use those funds to promote more life and to halt destruction or at the very least witness against those things which cause destruction. Our values are going very many places right now as a nation, and many of those values are wicked. The massess do not yet realize it, but the underground network of human trafficking and child sacrifice is much higher than most people suspect. Many places that put a “bright face” on their business values are supporting people who do acts that would and will incur the wrath of YHVH. Where the world of man and the world of YHVH are out of alignment is so much the worse for the world of men. When YHVH withdraws His sustaining word, then nothing but calamity will result. It matters not what we thought love was or what our intentions were in such a moment. We are collective judged, measured, and the consequence applied.