The Hand of YHVH

The One Year Anniversary of the Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, the one year anniversary of the solar eclipse will occur. This is significant because another solar eclipse is scheduled to occur approximately six years later.

YHVH can announce His will in many ways. The first eclipse is a warning to repent before the event of the second. As we can see, the country has undergone massive amounts of change as these eclipses have come through. It is rather like watching an insane aslyum burst into flames.

The Store Alchemy

When I first came to the region of Princeton, KY in 2013 it was primarily to try to get this region prepared for the incoming changes. Since Princeton was in the path of totality of the eclipse, it made sense that this spot would be important to the judgment as it unfolds. It would likewise put this area “under the microscope” so to speak since the totality could hypothetically occur anywhere but providence assigned the jurisdiction to be established here. I came to the store here to begin to make the region aware of the changes which were soon to be. There were adjustments in my own spiritual path I had to make to be able to do this fully since my own path was not consitent in totality with what was going to be required. It was a difficult process.

The Lack of Faith Problem

The biggest issue, though, has been that even with a clear symbol in the sky followed by another one making an X in America is not sufficient for people to figure out that their own faiths and beliefs are in need of revision–let alone all the drastic changes that have befallen the country and those in it. Indeed, there are many who profess faith, but really believe in money. There are many who profess faith in the United States, but really have faith in some political ideaology. While many people who fall into these categories have sought my help in one way or another, few listened and actually implemented the things I suggested. Most often, people have turned to attack or else simply never returned to hear anything further. The faith and accountability are, evidently, too much for many people to bear.

YHVH Does Not Care About What You Care About

For the most part, YHVH does not care about matters like money or political ideaologies. More of a concern is the law which He established which when implemented correctly, informs all the rest. Jesus, as I have said elsewhere, is not the “name” of the Messiah. Even if it were, it is foolish to think that the Messiah would actually stop the will of the Father. If anything, the Messiah executes the will of the Father. Indeed, His presence here in the first place was directly due to the will of the Father. Grace does not stop the execution of the law of Torah. Indeed, YHSVH was the Torah in the flesh.

The Rejection of this Message

Other than our congregation, this message has been largely rejected or even attacked. At first I thought it was an “understanding problem” since all the churches speak of God and His will and should have learned something about His judgments in that domain. What I realize, though, now, is that the basic issue is a “faith” problem and people being comfortable with their station in life.

The Hebrew Month of Elul

Formerly, I was concerned about the town and its direction during this time period. I do not like seeing people suffer. This, indeed, was what informed my decision to come here to Princeton in the first place. Elul is a month for penitence. Whereas last year this time I was reaching out to the public at large, this year I do not have that urge. Since the town and most people in it have ignored what I have to say, I will shift my focus to the judgments of YHVH instead. My former reaching out cost me my business and home since few wished to heed my message. What will the judgments of YHVH cost everyone else?

I Am Also Done Asking for Donations

I am likewise finished with asking for donations. You can see the button. Either support us, or do not.