Riding the Waves

Still Trucking

While I cannot say it has been a smooth ride, I can safely validate that there is still very much a ride. Our church is still moving on its values utilizing the resources it has at hand. It is an irony, however, to be surrounded by those with immense amounts of resources that they use for less than noble purposes when one realizes that often just a 1/10th of the amount spent frivolously would be enough to keep our church running smoothly for quite some time. We are, after all, trying to act on matters that pertain to Native American karma and ultimately how YHVH chooses to judge this nation.

The Reason For the Tight Fists

It has come to my attention, though, that usually the reason for all the tight-fistedness we have seen is purely a matter of people, on some level, not believing in YHVH. Most people have sources of money that are covered in one kind of blood or another. A church like ours serves as a threat to people who benefit like leeches off of the literal blood of others. It should not serve as a threat. If anything, it should serve as an opportunity for all of us to turn more towards YHVH and to understand his ways and to be led by the Messiah he chose for us, YHSVH. To the extent many have not done this in the country, it should if anything highlight the urgency for people to do just that.

I Do NOT Want to Convert You

Our church does not seek to convert people. We will tell you, if asked, what we think. If you start to think like we do, and you decide you want to join what we are doing, great. We do expect, however, that you will keep the word you have given us. It is not uncommon for any human to make mistakes, but we expect a full accountability on each member for the mistake made. In other words, we will, at some point, expect your words and actions to match, and if they do not, we will expect you to be able to tell us why that is. This principle also does not endear us to people who might give us money for stroking their egos. We are not here for that. We are here for the future of our church and our country by extension as the will of YHVH dictates.

Our Founding Fathers

The USA was not built by our forefathers to be a place where certain religious beliefs were discriminated against relentlessly. Neither was free speech to be squelched. Yet, in the service of this church, both myself and our members have faced the denial of what are essential, intrinsic rights. The usual antidote to such a thing is to go to court, but then, what if the court is complicit in denying these rights in subtle ways? What if the legal system, and much of what passes for the guardianship of, was under what would amount to an Anti-Christ blueprint that tried to stifle any belief that would return people back to a livealbe, harmonious life? Such a thing would be quite a problem. I would be lying to you to say I have not seen evidence of it. I still believe there are those within such systems who do not share the vision of those with such wicked designs. One need not believe exactly what we believe, but no one should be able to shut down the assertion of fundamental rights that were guaranteed to us by the constitution.

It’s Basically Native, All Over Again

The same problem is echoed in our collective treatment of Native Americans. We cannot, in good consciene, say that all men are created equal in one breath and then take those men who were here and treat them in ways we would not want to be treated ourselves. It flies in the face of the founding of the document that guarantees our rights. It violates spiritual principles which must be met if a nation is to survive. I would say, though, that we have become so accustomed to the idea of what amounts to genocide that we no longer even stop to think about what our way of life actually means for people other than ourselves. To do so might mean we would have to give up certain comforts and ways of living that might hamper us in ways we would not like. Of course, if eventually a people does not relate to their sins and repent thereof, YHVH will make such a civilization take such an action, or else destroy it.

Basically, We Are Here for You As an Opportunity

What it all distills down to in essence is that our church and our membership is ALLOWING you the opportunity to donate. You should, as an individual in light of the above pronouncements, realize in yourself the necessity of the act. To the extent we are supported, we can accomplish work that will bless us, as well as the nation along with the giver. To the extent we do not and dollars flow to things not of the will of YHVH we invite disaster and destruction and our church is visited with hardship.

The Get a Job Already Mentality

Often times, I have heard people express that they believe, even after I have clearly explained the above, that we should “get a job like everyone else”. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people have had plenty of jobs in this country for well over 200 years. Those very same jobs quite often serve Satan more than they serve YHVH. This is, by far, the hardest job I have ever had. It requires the most hours, and the least pay. Of course, that’s not why I am doing it. I feel called to do it. If you believe I should get a job on that basis, then my suggestion is for you to take it up with the fella upstairs.

Did I Motivate You?

If my words struck true for you, then please, give us a donation. If you are in town and would like to see a service, let us know. We would be happy to have guests.