Growth Through Adversity

Back to Square One

The bad news is, again, those who offered to help did so for the wrong motivations. The worse news is that the issues were only brought to the surface after we had began the process of breaking ground for our new Earth home. The good news, however, is that we had a place to go. Where we are living is not entirely consitent with our values, but it may be the best possible solution at the moment.

Why We Have Been Prevented in This Instance

Oftentimes, when one encouters resistance, one begins to ascribe that resistance to God. However, Yahshuah predicted that his flock would be persecuted heavily on account of His name. Those who have offered to help, have not, in most cases, professed a belief in Yahshuah. This is not entirely surprising because the world has enriched many on the basis of false beliefs. There are many religions that are, in essence, glorified death cults. Society is aware of institutions like the Catholic church that have internal issues with how the clergy relates to the children. Likewise, the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses have come under such scrutiny. Those that have belonged to these organizations have often done well for themselves or forged friendships that have benefitted them financially and socially. How does one, then, leave such an institution? Even if one leaves, often they find they never left. To completely renounce the belief requires a drastic re-evaluation of life and the values associated therewith. I would say then, that we have been prevented several times due to the unstated influence of such cults as those named above.

Certainly, not everyone who believes in these religions is guilty of the above named issues. However, if one has a truth revealed to them and what those who have power do and they still associate to these sorts of beliefs, then eventually they are as guilty as those who directly perpetrate such acts.

This is precisely why the Native Americans had the issues they had. More than a few of them were doing things they too, should not have been doing. However, those that were not would find themselves hard-pressed to stand on the principles of life if those who are invading hold life in such cheap regard because of greed and the perceived power wealth brings.

Back to Need

I further suppose that help, given what is above stated, comes from an atittude of penitence and and an understanding that Mother Earth, known as Asherah in the Hebrew way of thinking, and YHVH her husband, eventually will no longer tolerate abuse of the mother. The Earth does not need people, but people do need Earth. Ten million dollars and a golden calf will mean little if the Earth tires of us living on it. If someone wishes to help this ministry and they do not understand these matters, then they are not truly helping. Throwing money at us without understanding us helps the giver little. Though we can do works with the funds, if eventually other people do not understand the position which we occupy, no amount of help will be of value to any of us. Furthermore, offering to help us in the sense of feeding and clothing us benefits us not at all if the spirit behind the giving is manipulative. It instead acts as a curse to us rather than a blessing.

A Proper Gift Has No Strings

If what you have cannot be given from a place without strings, do not give it, for you are not truly giving it. If what you are giving is being done from a place so that others can tell you how good of a person you are, do not give it either because you are not truly giving. Either you believe what we have here stated and wish to give, or you do not. If you do not but think you want to give anyway, we would rather you keep it until you figure out why you feel compelled to give with which to start.

Do What You Say You Will

If you also say you are going to do something after telling us you are, then do it. If not, then do not waste our time.

What We Need Now

All that being said, we still need money to the extent the world requires it. We also need some land and an RV or some portable form of home. We could also use willing hands to help us do the work so that so much is not coming from so few. We will not, however, accept any crosses you wish to hand us. That was already fulfilled by Yahshuah. If you feel as if what is here described pertains to you, then please, hit the donate button. Otherwise, go away. That’s the really blunt way of indicating the sort of help we are looking for.