Help Us To Prosper So We Can Help Others Prosper

Planting Trees

Excitingly, for Tu BiShvat this year, (the New Year of the trees) we were able as a group to raise funds to get a tree planted in Israel. Unfortunately, here in the United States, we did not do any such activity. Why?

For one thing, in order for a tree to be planted, it must have many conditions met but most specifically the requirement of the soil is paramount. We can aliken the soil in which a tree is planted to the spiritual roots that exist in our local communities.If we have many cultivators of the soil with the proper spirit toward caring for the Earth, then it is not difficult to have a community that supports many different types of trees harmoniously. If, on the other hand, we have gardeners that have forgotten how to garden, or otherwise are cultivating with the narrow aim of only having a certain kind of tree on the land, then it will not be long before there are no trees.

A garden does best when a diversity of biology is present. Symbiotic relationships are formed that foster the general well-being of the garden.

Most US Citizens Have No Sense Of Spiritual Cultivation

I am aware that this page has reached the eyes of viewers that I know have above-average amounts of income. Many of them hardly blink at purchasing something from Starbucks. Some might do it daily. If we figure that that cup of coffee is about five dollars, then we can see that in 30 days a person will have spent $150 on coffee alone. To Beit Eshel, that amount of money would help us considerably. All that would be required from say, five people, would be to give up coffee at that price and instead donate it to our ministry.

For others, it may be something they know they need to give up like drinking or smoking–both expensive habits. With those funds which are being used to destroy one’s self in some way, it would enable us to pay our rent and to make outreach to those who have been affected by what amounts to a Holocaust–namely Native American tribes.

Is it not worth giving up coffee, something brought to us largely by indigenous South Americans, to bring this about? How about giving up cigarettes, which contain tobacco, brought to us by Native Americans? Alcohol? What larger margins of good might we do if we would stop focusing on our selves and pay attention to the larger picture?

For The Most Part, The US Is a “Me” Culture

We did not plant a tree here in part because where we are, at this moment in time, is not suitable soil in which to plant a tree. I would like for people’s hearts and minds to change so that it can become a place where we can plant trees and allow forests to once again thrive where they ought to. I would like to see the same thing happen where our spiritual beliefs are concerned. However, the cooperation we received from an individual in Israel a world away was done with more trust and consideration than most average experiences on a given day in our local area. Is this what we, as Americans, wish to be?

Making America Great Again

Unfortunately, making America great again may mean we have to remove all those who invaded it off of it because our selfishness is so high. I would rather think we have simply lost our way. That is partially why this ministry exists. You can help us.

Things We Still Need

Do you have land? Consider donating a portion. How about a trailer or RV? We could use those too. Solar panels? Absolutely. Money? Always. Do you have time? Are you in the region? Does the message resonate? Come by and see us. We can always use more hands and hearts and minds. Do you have a way we can reduce our basic living expenses? Great! We are all for new ideas, but we put more emphasis on those either doing them or helping us do them. Help us make the soil suitable for planting a tree. Help us actually make American great again. Help us heal the rifts. Become gardeners instead of consumers. This is the way forward–the way of life.