Beit Eshel Needs Your Help

What is a Mishpat Messianic Congregation?

The term Mishpat usually means law or judgment with connotations of justice in Hebrew. At Beit Eshel, the term means those things, in addition to acting as an individual instrument of the justice of God. In other words, this act is also a personal matter in which we are involved. This means that we are often engaged in helping those to whom justice has been denied in an effort to restore balance between the Holy Kingdom of God and the World of Men. We do this through acts of charity and mercy as well as good counsel.

We also realize the necessity of those matters which extend well beyond our own discernment in matters of justice. This is why we are also Messianic–because we have faith that our sacrifice was met in the personage of Yahshuah who is the perfect arbiter of justice and mercy. We realize between justice and mercy lies love and that this is the perfect attainment of mishpat. It is our goal then as imperfect vessels to attain to mishpat as strongly as we can and to emulate the example of Yahshuah as well as we can so that our own conduct is a testament to his love and sacrifice.

Our Current Goals:

We believe strongly in living in harmony with the Earth. We believe that cultures who came before us often did this far better than we are doing now. One such culture that lived in harmony wth the Earth are the Native Americans which have suffered at the hands of many of our ancestors.

It is imperative to us, then, as an act of mishpat to make connections with the indigeneous tribes of the United States as much as possible and to begin to healing process between our peoples where we can. Currently, we are working with the Hopi to bring both resources and hopefully needed teaching. We do not seek conversion but rather a mutual harmony where both of our cultures are able to live on the Earth in a gentle way with their own views of God intact.

Our mission is to have a community of people dedicated to the restoration of all things, in Hebrew this is known as Tikkun Olam. Tikkun Olam literally means “repair of the world”, or “construction for eternity”. It is our responsibility for ourselves and our future decendants to help repair the ‘karma’ that was handed to us from our ancestors and take action to do everything in our abilities to bring harmony and balance into our lives and those around us. Through the learning and practice of the ancient traditions with a vision towards the future. To learn more about our Congregation, call us at 270-564-7771.

Our Current Needs:

Our ministry is a new one. Because of this, our needs are diverse. Here is a current wish list:

Two desktop computers not older than three years which would be suitable for running linux on for editing things such as podcasts/and or videos.

Land or an RV, Trailer, or all the above. We are looking to save money on our individual living expense. This would help us drastically slash our bills so that we can focus our funds on helping others instead of maintaining ourselves financially.

Money. We always need money. Right now, our funding goal is $50,000. This would help us maintain a church, gather needed supplies, and keep a roof over our heads. Likewise, this figure would allow us to make more outreach. In the end, all money is about our ability to increase our outreach while reducing our expense.