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If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food, and one of you say unto them, "Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled"; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead.

James the Just

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Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Introducing Beit Eshel in the Style of Joseph of Arimathea

November 10, 2020

Onwards and Upwards

Since the last update, much has happened. Everything that occurred, however, was not unexpected as a main part of the ministry of this church was warning people about impending judgment. We strongly felt that the medical field would be a likely weak point. Indeed, as time as shown, it was. The church has continued to shift since that point, and as before mentioned, what was a ministry in the style of James has shifted toward Joseph–in this case of Arimathea.

Some History

The early Jewish Messianics were driven out of Jerusalem through Revolution. There is a good chance those who became violent and destroyed the church were Roman Christian Pagans more sympathetic to the Emperor than Jerusalem. As a consequence, many Jewish people fled after being persecuted. Joseph of Arimathea as the uncle of YHSVH, inherited the right to bury the body, and so he did in his own tomb. Later, that body was found to be missing as it had resurrected. Joseph then went, according to legend, off to Glastonbury. There, he founded a church that lasted for quite some time.

Lessons of History

The purpose of founding this church was not to re-enact history. Those trials which the founders underwent were not meant to run on a loop indefinitely. Rather, the purpose is to overcome toward the ultimate union of YHVH and His people. Even those who are not specifically His people are blessed by the presence of His people often times learning and understanding matters they would otherwise not apprehend.

Direct Statements

To anyone who once belonged to this church or otherwise interacted with it, did we not tell you that the time was ripe for judgment and to expect hardships the likes of which have not been seen in this country before? Do you think we invented these matters, or do you think, perhaps, we were what we said we were? To those of you who have no previous experience do you think YHVH can still speak? Do you think He can do so through mortal instruments? Those are important matters to consider.

And Finally, A Video

Last but not least, a video–and there will be more to follow. Perhaps there will be 17 or even 24 more. We shall see. This, however, is where we will start–click on the picture.

Video Beit Eshel

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Another Church Phase Shift

October 10, 2019

The Day After

As every Jewish person knows, yesterday was the holiday of Yom Kippur. We observed Yom Kippur with our church body as one unit. It did not go as planned for the reason that YHVH had other ideas of what atonement meant for each of us within the body. Within the body of the Messiah, one must learn to bob and weave with change. There is no other arbiter of what needs to be done than Spirit. One must then do what Spirit wants done.

Our Outreach

Though there have not been many updates, we did our outreach to what we felt constituted Ephraim. Mostly, this appears to be composed of many Christian Churches at this juncture. We had some limited success in this endeavor. It seems to me that many churches are simply unresponsive to the changes at large. Perhaps this has to do with coping. In other words, there is so much going on that is disturbing, it could be many churches are simply digging their heels into tradition to feel a sense of sameness. Still, others, despite YHSVH declaring that He was Jewish and came for the Jews appear to have some resentment toward anything Jewish. This mentality is a little like saying that you like the band the Rolling Stones but absolutely hate the vocals of Mick Jagger. In other words, it is very difficult to profess a belief in following the Messiah and then in the same instance be somewhat AntiJewish. The Messiah takes care of correcting the Jews for you so you do not then have to go about doing the job He already did. Further, one is supposed to be grafted onto the tree and to both love the fruit of the tree and the root as well as the tree. This, it appears to me, is controversial for most churches in practice at this juncture and therefore Ephraim has some issues to sort concerning these matters.

Shifting from James

It has also become apparent as a church that our focus is beginning to shift. Whereas this church declares itself to be modeled on the Church of Jerusalem as James would have had it, the reality is that the actions of the body are not in total alignment with this notion. To be sure, this church has acted in a capacity that is consistent with James in many particular instances. However, on the average, especially as it has evolved, it is more in alignment with other Founders. James, as YHSVH intended him, I contend, is the bedrock on which the church was to be built so further endeavors would have an example of how the church was supposed to function and act. I would say this church has learned that foundational lesson and has been a resounding success in the instances it acted. However, like the Church of James, when it acted in Jerusalem, this church has often had to act alone without brethren to support it in the way the Torah instructs despite being surrounded by those who profess to be bound by Torah either through YHSVH or through the Old Testament or both. It seems that a Church of James challenges the notions of both courage and integrity. This indicates to me that this is why James was placed in a position of authority in the church of Jerusalem. He must have had these qualities.

What Are We Shifting To?

The answer is we are not sure yet, but it is under discussion. There are new exciting possibilities. The message we have will not change. However, whereas the Church of James is heavily Jewish in its root since it was in Jerusalem, many other founders were not in the gates of the Heavenly City and so opens the possibility for other lost sheep to identify with what we represent and value. YHSVH came for ALL the lost sheep, and not just a specific subset. As a church, however, we often find ourselves best called to certain places to cater to certain kinds of people since those are the ears the spirit is impelling us to reach.

Stay Tuned

So, if you are curious as to what is next, stay tuned to this page and see. As always, if you wish to support us, the donate button is plainly visible.

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

An Update To Our Mission

March 12, 2019

Mission Change

For the past approximately five to six years, I and the consequent church that resulted from my initial efforts and those who followed afterwards have focused on reaching out to Native Americans specifically. Indeed, part of our mission statement has been to reach out to tribes as we could. To date, we have contacted numerous tribes and have received a marginal reply. Likewise, we have stood up for Native Rights strongly. To be clear, these motives were not born of attempting to convert natives, but rather to see if there was commonly shared ground. That time as a major focus of this church is over.

Why the Change?

Mostly it is a factor of time. The reaching out has been given a long enough time to reap whatever fruits it will reap. The effort has not received much help or support from either natives or those who ought to be concerned about their welfare. Indeed, many have paid lip service to the idea of wishing to help the natives in one way or another, but yet when the time came to act on this heart-felt help nothing came of it. In many cases, people betrayed their former promises. There is nothing novel about this chain of events as it has happened before. As mortals though, we are called to atone for such mistakes during certain moments of time. There are windows of forgiveness. It is important that when such windows open, we are able to take action such that we move through them.

The New Mission

The New Mission is to make an outreach to whatever it is that constitutes Ephraim in specific. The broader goal is always the reunification of the Tribes of Israel inasmuch as that can be done. This in no way precludes Native Americans who happen to also be a member of a Tribe of Israel. The decision is not made strictly on flesh and blood alone in this case, but what the spiritual motives are for the people who wish to hear what it is we are about and what we have to say.

What does this Mean?

There is not a fundamentally different approach here, other than the focus. One might say that our former motives were a bit more tolerant of pagan belief systems in an effort to see who could or could not be reached with what we had to say. It says little for certain pagans who attacked this church during its time of outreach into those audiences. The goal was never to convert anyone with force or coercive techniques. No true conversion can happen except by a love of those things which are holy and teachings which are holy. To those whose hearts might otherwise be occupied but recognized the spirit, this ministry was and is for them.

We Still Have The Same Values

We still believe in justice, and we still think we should live lightly on the Earth. Indeed, there are many ways of worship that are strikingly like Native American beliefs that as a church we observe. As I have stated elsewhere, I believe that at least some Native Americans are part of the lost tribes of Israel. It is not that surprising then that there should be overlap between the traditions.

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Faith and Our Values

August 29, 2018

The Values of Our Beliefs

YHVH commands those of us who follow Torah to observe certain laws and provisions as part of His set aside people. In what way are we set aside? Well, a big way in which followers of the Torah are set aside from others concerns actions which are intrinsically pagan or Canaanite.

What is a Canaanite?

A Canaanite was one of the grandsons of Noah through Ham who was cursed owing to seeing his father’s nakedness. Furthermore, the Canaanites were seen near the Anakim in Israel. The Anakim were otherwise known as Nephilim, or the offspring of fallen angels.

The Canaanites Liked to Party

The Canaanites were judged by YHVH as unfitting tenets of the land because of their sinful lifestyles that involved idols and sexual practices that were not sanctioned by YHVH. History suggests that the Canaanites engaged heavily in same-sex intercourse:

"A number of readers asked for it. My source is a midrash (that is, a work of Biblical interpolation) called Sifra that elaborates on Leviticus. The reference to same-sex 
marriage is unmistakable. Coincidentally, this particular note on the text comes in the context of this week’s Torah reading, Acharei Mot-Kedoshim. Sifra is ancient and   
authoritative. A common traditional view attributes its editing to Rabbi Hiyya, who was active in Tiberias, Israel, a bit after 200 CE. The Encyclopedia Judaica would push up 
the date of its authorship a couple of centuries. Either way, it’s very old and records interpretive oral traditions that are older still.Some context: Leviticus 18 records the  
forbidden sexual relationships, including homosexual intercourse (v. 22). The list is prefaced with the statement, “Do not perform the practice of the land of Egypt in which 
you dwelled; and do not perform the practice of the land of Canaan to which I bring you, and do not follow their decrees” (18:3).

Sifra explains there about those “decrees”: “And what did they do? A man would marry a man, and a woman would marry a woman.” The end of the chapter in the Bible warns, “[T]he  
inhabitants of the land who are before you committed all these abominations, and the land became contaminated. Let not the land disgorge you for having contaminated it, as it   
disgorged the nation that was before you” (v. 27-28)."

Read more.

The ancient Israelis who both left Egypt and entered Canaan ought to know what they were talking about since historically they were there and are a surviving tribal group that inhabited those places and also have their history intact.

What does this Mean?

It means that as Mishpat Messianics, we cannot support the ideas behind gay marriage. To do so would be tantamount to our suggesting that we should all be destroyed and vacate the land. If we love YHVH and the land, then we must necessarily not support these types of relationships. Is that to suggest that those who have such relationships are inherently evil? If we think of evil as a highway, perhaps we might say that it is rather like taking the exit marked “In bad standing with YHVH.” It does not mean it is our job to regulate the relationships of people who choose to engage in these behaviors. It does not mean it is our job to go knock on their doors and witness to them or boycott or protest what they do on the grounds of their chosen sexual expression. It may mean, however, that we cannot shop at certain establishments that promote such values. It could also mean that we are in the position of having to deny certain requests from such groups. Blatant discrimination is, of course, unnecessary and inappropriate unless we wish to also all be taken to task for wherever we ourselves are out of alignment with concerning Torah. One can not support a thing and also not hate those who do that thing.

What Happened in Israel With this Group?

Well, the Bible story did not end well, because the Israeli people were afraid of the Canaanites and the Nephilim. Whereas up to this point they had to wander for two years in the desert, after the refusal to heed what YHVH told them to do in taking possession of the land they were required to wander for another 38 years and were denied entry into the land itself.

The Same Thing is True Today…

The same thing is true today because we are afraid to speak out against things like gay marriage when YHVH requires us to because we are afraid we will be sued or taken to task for whatever the issue concerns. The problem, of course, is that if we are not free to speak about things like these, or else are unwilling, we run the risk of incurring the wrath of YHVH and having the land and the people destroyed. Which is a worse thing to experience in the end? Being persecuted unfairly or being part of the reason why the land and its people are destroyed? These things keep us all from entering the “promised land” and instead cause us all to have to roam about in a spiritual desert until such time that YHVH has had enough and chooses to destroy us because we have degraded into something of which He does not approve.

Accordingly then…

When you donate funds to us, we use those funds to promote more life and to halt destruction or at the very least witness against those things which cause destruction. Our values are going very many places right now as a nation, and many of those values are wicked. The massess do not yet realize it, but the underground network of human trafficking and child sacrifice is much higher than most people suspect. Many places that put a “bright face” on their business values are supporting people who do acts that would and will incur the wrath of YHVH. Where the world of man and the world of YHVH are out of alignment is so much the worse for the world of men. When YHVH withdraws His sustaining word, then nothing but calamity will result. It matters not what we thought love was or what our intentions were in such a moment. We are collective judged, measured, and the consequence applied.

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

The Hand of YHVH

August 13, 2018

The One Year Anniversary of the Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, the one year anniversary of the solar eclipse will occur. This is significant because another solar eclipse is scheduled to occur approximately six years later.

YHVH can announce His will in many ways. The first eclipse is a warning to repent before the event of the second. As we can see, the country has undergone massive amounts of change as these eclipses have come through. It is rather like watching an insane aslyum burst into flames.

The Store Alchemy

When I first came to the region of Princeton, KY in 2013 it was primarily to try to get this region prepared for the incoming changes. Since Princeton was in the path of totality of the eclipse, it made sense that this spot would be important to the judgment as it unfolds. It would likewise put this area “under the microscope” so to speak since the totality could hypothetically occur anywhere but providence assigned the jurisdiction to be established here. I came to the store here to begin to make the region aware of the changes which were soon to be. There were adjustments in my own spiritual path I had to make to be able to do this fully since my own path was not consitent in totality with what was going to be required. It was a difficult process.

The Lack of Faith Problem

The biggest issue, though, has been that even with a clear symbol in the sky followed by another one making an X in America is not sufficient for people to figure out that their own faiths and beliefs are in need of revision–let alone all the drastic changes that have befallen the country and those in it. Indeed, there are many who profess faith, but really believe in money. There are many who profess faith in the United States, but really have faith in some political ideaology. While many people who fall into these categories have sought my help in one way or another, few listened and actually implemented the things I suggested. Most often, people have turned to attack or else simply never returned to hear anything further. The faith and accountability are, evidently, too much for many people to bear.

YHVH Does Not Care About What You Care About

For the most part, YHVH does not care about matters like money or political ideaologies. More of a concern is the law which He established which when implemented correctly, informs all the rest. Jesus, as I have said elsewhere, is not the “name” of the Messiah. Even if it were, it is foolish to think that the Messiah would actually stop the will of the Father. If anything, the Messiah executes the will of the Father. Indeed, His presence here in the first place was directly due to the will of the Father. Grace does not stop the execution of the law of Torah. Indeed, YHSVH was the Torah in the flesh.

The Rejection of this Message

Other than our congregation, this message has been largely rejected or even attacked. At first I thought it was an “understanding problem” since all the churches speak of God and His will and should have learned something about His judgments in that domain. What I realize, though, now, is that the basic issue is a “faith” problem and people being comfortable with their station in life.

The Hebrew Month of Elul

Formerly, I was concerned about the town and its direction during this time period. I do not like seeing people suffer. This, indeed, was what informed my decision to come here to Princeton in the first place. Elul is a month for penitence. Whereas last year this time I was reaching out to the public at large, this year I do not have that urge. Since the town and most people in it have ignored what I have to say, I will shift my focus to the judgments of YHVH instead. My former reaching out cost me my business and home since few wished to heed my message. What will the judgments of YHVH cost everyone else?

I Am Also Done Asking for Donations

I am likewise finished with asking for donations. You can see the button. Either support us, or do not.

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Riding the Waves

June 25, 2018

Still Trucking

While I cannot say it has been a smooth ride, I can safely validate that there is still very much a ride. Our church is still moving on its values utilizing the resources it has at hand. It is an irony, however, to be surrounded by those with immense amounts of resources that they use for less than noble purposes when one realizes that often just a 1/10th of the amount spent frivolously would be enough to keep our church running smoothly for quite some time. We are, after all, trying to act on matters that pertain to Native American karma and ultimately how YHVH chooses to judge this nation.

The Reason For the Tight Fists

It has come to my attention, though, that usually the reason for all the tight-fistedness we have seen is purely a matter of people, on some level, not believing in YHVH. Most people have sources of money that are covered in one kind of blood or another. A church like ours serves as a threat to people who benefit like leeches off of the literal blood of others. It should not serve as a threat. If anything, it should serve as an opportunity for all of us to turn more towards YHVH and to understand his ways and to be led by the Messiah he chose for us, YHSVH. To the extent many have not done this in the country, it should if anything highlight the urgency for people to do just that.

I Do NOT Want to Convert You

Our church does not seek to convert people. We will tell you, if asked, what we think. If you start to think like we do, and you decide you want to join what we are doing, great. We do expect, however, that you will keep the word you have given us. It is not uncommon for any human to make mistakes, but we expect a full accountability on each member for the mistake made. In other words, we will, at some point, expect your words and actions to match, and if they do not, we will expect you to be able to tell us why that is. This principle also does not endear us to people who might give us money for stroking their egos. We are not here for that. We are here for the future of our church and our country by extension as the will of YHVH dictates.

Our Founding Fathers

The USA was not built by our forefathers to be a place where certain religious beliefs were discriminated against relentlessly. Neither was free speech to be squelched. Yet, in the service of this church, both myself and our members have faced the denial of what are essential, intrinsic rights. The usual antidote to such a thing is to go to court, but then, what if the court is complicit in denying these rights in subtle ways? What if the legal system, and much of what passes for the guardianship of, was under what would amount to an Anti-Christ blueprint that tried to stifle any belief that would return people back to a livealbe, harmonious life? Such a thing would be quite a problem. I would be lying to you to say I have not seen evidence of it. I still believe there are those within such systems who do not share the vision of those with such wicked designs. One need not believe exactly what we believe, but no one should be able to shut down the assertion of fundamental rights that were guaranteed to us by the constitution.

It’s Basically Native, All Over Again

The same problem is echoed in our collective treatment of Native Americans. We cannot, in good consciene, say that all men are created equal in one breath and then take those men who were here and treat them in ways we would not want to be treated ourselves. It flies in the face of the founding of the document that guarantees our rights. It violates spiritual principles which must be met if a nation is to survive. I would say, though, that we have become so accustomed to the idea of what amounts to genocide that we no longer even stop to think about what our way of life actually means for people other than ourselves. To do so might mean we would have to give up certain comforts and ways of living that might hamper us in ways we would not like. Of course, if eventually a people does not relate to their sins and repent thereof, YHVH will make such a civilization take such an action, or else destroy it.

Basically, We Are Here for You As an Opportunity

What it all distills down to in essence is that our church and our membership is ALLOWING you the opportunity to donate. You should, as an individual in light of the above pronouncements, realize in yourself the necessity of the act. To the extent we are supported, we can accomplish work that will bless us, as well as the nation along with the giver. To the extent we do not and dollars flow to things not of the will of YHVH we invite disaster and destruction and our church is visited with hardship.

The Get a Job Already Mentality

Often times, I have heard people express that they believe, even after I have clearly explained the above, that we should “get a job like everyone else”. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people have had plenty of jobs in this country for well over 200 years. Those very same jobs quite often serve Satan more than they serve YHVH. This is, by far, the hardest job I have ever had. It requires the most hours, and the least pay. Of course, that’s not why I am doing it. I feel called to do it. If you believe I should get a job on that basis, then my suggestion is for you to take it up with the fella upstairs.

Did I Motivate You?

If my words struck true for you, then please, give us a donation. If you are in town and would like to see a service, let us know. We would be happy to have guests.

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Growth Through Adversity

May 04, 2018

Back to Square One

The bad news is, again, those who offered to help did so for the wrong motivations. The worse news is that the issues were only brought to the surface after we had began the process of breaking ground for our new Earth home. The good news, however, is that we had a place to go. Where we are living is not entirely consitent with our values, but it may be the best possible solution at the moment.

Why We Have Been Prevented in This Instance

Oftentimes, when one encouters resistance, one begins to ascribe that resistance to God. However, Yahshuah predicted that his flock would be persecuted heavily on account of His name. Those who have offered to help, have not, in most cases, professed a belief in Yahshuah. This is not entirely surprising because the world has enriched many on the basis of false beliefs. There are many religions that are, in essence, glorified death cults. Society is aware of institutions like the Catholic church that have internal issues with how the clergy relates to the children. Likewise, the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses have come under such scrutiny. Those that have belonged to these organizations have often done well for themselves or forged friendships that have benefitted them financially and socially. How does one, then, leave such an institution? Even if one leaves, often they find they never left. To completely renounce the belief requires a drastic re-evaluation of life and the values associated therewith. I would say then, that we have been prevented several times due to the unstated influence of such cults as those named above.

Certainly, not everyone who believes in these religions is guilty of the above named issues. However, if one has a truth revealed to them and what those who have power do and they still associate to these sorts of beliefs, then eventually they are as guilty as those who directly perpetrate such acts.

This is precisely why the Native Americans had the issues they had. More than a few of them were doing things they too, should not have been doing. However, those that were not would find themselves hard-pressed to stand on the principles of life if those who are invading hold life in such cheap regard because of greed and the perceived power wealth brings.

Back to Need

I further suppose that help, given what is above stated, comes from an atittude of penitence and and an understanding that Mother Earth, known as Asherah in the Hebrew way of thinking, and YHVH her husband, eventually will no longer tolerate abuse of the mother. The Earth does not need people, but people do need Earth. Ten million dollars and a golden calf will mean little if the Earth tires of us living on it. If someone wishes to help this ministry and they do not understand these matters, then they are not truly helping. Throwing money at us without understanding us helps the giver little. Though we can do works with the funds, if eventually other people do not understand the position which we occupy, no amount of help will be of value to any of us. Furthermore, offering to help us in the sense of feeding and clothing us benefits us not at all if the spirit behind the giving is manipulative. It instead acts as a curse to us rather than a blessing.

A Proper Gift Has No Strings

If what you have cannot be given from a place without strings, do not give it, for you are not truly giving it. If what you are giving is being done from a place so that others can tell you how good of a person you are, do not give it either because you are not truly giving. Either you believe what we have here stated and wish to give, or you do not. If you do not but think you want to give anyway, we would rather you keep it until you figure out why you feel compelled to give with which to start.

Do What You Say You Will

If you also say you are going to do something after telling us you are, then do it. If not, then do not waste our time.

What We Need Now

All that being said, we still need money to the extent the world requires it. We also need some land and an RV or some portable form of home. We could also use willing hands to help us do the work so that so much is not coming from so few. We will not, however, accept any crosses you wish to hand us. That was already fulfilled by Yahshuah. If you feel as if what is here described pertains to you, then please, hit the donate button. Otherwise, go away. That’s the really blunt way of indicating the sort of help we are looking for.

Photo of Joe Bill Schirtzinger

Tending the Flocks

March 22, 2018

A New Root

The good news is that our ministry has been able to relocate itself in such a way as to utilize the resources it receives more fully for supporting Native American causes and living off Mother Earth more gently. The bad news is that this awesome opportunity has come about because the support that should have been received by this ministry was not present. In many cases, outright betrayal has been a factor wherein people spoke that they believed in the mission of this ministry with their mouths. Their actions, however, spoke otherwise. Nonetheless, our core group of people has remained steadfast and strong. As we begin the process of starting the physical groundwork that mirrors our faith, we still find ourselves in need of supplies and resources.

Off The Grid

One thing that our beliefs strongly echo is the sentiment that in order to truly have wealth at this point in time, it is imperative to be as free from the grid of modern civilization as possible. The use of resources by society has become overwhelming. The solutions adopted cannot possibly sustain a human population that continues to grow. A cursory look at what nature is doing in response to the strain placed upon it by this parasitism shows that the Earth is in a period of biological decline. When the aquarium becomes too full of fish, eventually the fish die because the water becomes too dirty. That is where we are now as a biological entity upon the Earth. Civilization, then, is likely to go through a “weeding out period” where people will suddenly be forced to live without modern conveniences. How can we attempt to live in a civilized manner without reliance on services we have come to take for granted?

Different Kinds of Housing

We are currently evaluating different building techniques that would be similar to some that might have been used by Native American populations. There are a variety of earth houses that can be made. What is more difficult to address are things like electricity and water. To this end, we need resources such as solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, and so on. Ideally, we would like to find solutions that can be made simply with materials from the Earth that are readily available. For instance, how does one get power should they have the misfortune of having their solar panel break? If you cannot purchase another, this clearly presents a problem. However, what if it were possible to “bake” a material that would work in a manner not totally different than a solar panel does? Now the need has gone from one of needing something industrial to simply needing the appropriate amount of heat. These are the things we are looking to explore.

You Can Help

We are still also functioning as a full ministry. The idea is, of course, that if we can cut down on our living expenses and save resources, we should do these things without hesitation. After all, if our lifestyle is not consistent with solving the problems we face in a modern civilzation, it becomes difficult to speak about what behavior people shoudl adopt. We need financial resources as always. The goal is still $50,000. The good news is that now when we reach that goal, the money we receive will not be absorbed by a tremendous electric bill or rising water bill. This means as solutions present themselves, we will be able to develop them more fully until our methods are refined. Then, we hope to be able to show others how we are living to present an alternative to the current system.

Our Present Condition

Currently, we are staying within an RV which has been loaned to us for that purpose. Naturally, it would be nice to have our own RV, and so if someone has one of those they wish to give, that would also be a benefit. We do not have a sewer running to our RV. Rather, we are using a method of human waste composting. Much of the technique relies on open-air decomposition of piles of waste that are mixed with matter such as sawdust and leaves. This material chemically begins to “burn” as compost does. Within the home we apply the same technique in a portable manner so that the waste can be added to the compost. This eliminates entirely the need for so-called black water storage.

For our grey water, we have dug a pit and back-filled it with various material utilizing the same technique. We have planted various trees to take advantage of this added moisture and compost. One such tree is a paw-paw tree. This was a tree the Natives used in the region and has since become somewhat scarce since people have cut down so many trees. This allows a natural harmony between waste and food in a mutually beneficial cycle. These are the solutions we seek to develop.

Our water at this point comes from on-board storage. We would like to get to a point where we can collect rainwater to replenish our needs, but so far have not had the time and resources to develop such a system. We are hoping hopefully by this summer to have this system in place.

With these current adjustments, we have eliminated the need to pay rent. Likewise, we have no sewer bill. We pay neither for electricity nor water at the moment, but we are using a system which is still connected to the main grid to meet these needs for now. With your help, we can cut our dependence on that too.

Wish Lists

Pretty much anything that would help us be self-sufficient and not need to depend on industrial solutions is welcome. A hydro-generator might be interesting to try. Non-traditional batteries would be fun to see the efficiency of. Likewise, it would be nice to involve Natives that know something about this kind of lifestyle in for consultation. If you have money or a supply of anything that you know is good for off-the-grid living, let us know! Once we get ourselves fully situated, it allows us to carry on in a more fully Mishpat Messianic way! After all, we will be living more justly on the earth.

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Help Us To Prosper So We Can Help Others Prosper

February 12, 2018

Planting Trees

Excitingly, for Tu BiShvat this year, (the New Year of the trees) we were able as a group to raise funds to get a tree planted in Israel. Unfortunately, here in the United States, we did not do any such activity. Why?

For one thing, in order for a tree to be planted, it must have many conditions met but most specifically the requirement of the soil is paramount. We can aliken the soil in which a tree is planted to the spiritual roots that exist in our local communities.If we have many cultivators of the soil with the proper spirit toward caring for the Earth, then it is not difficult to have a community that supports many different types of trees harmoniously. If, on the other hand, we have gardeners that have forgotten how to garden, or otherwise are cultivating with the narrow aim of only having a certain kind of tree on the land, then it will not be long before there are no trees.

A garden does best when a diversity of biology is present. Symbiotic relationships are formed that foster the general well-being of the garden.

Most US Citizens Have No Sense Of Spiritual Cultivation

I am aware that this page has reached the eyes of viewers that I know have above-average amounts of income. Many of them hardly blink at purchasing something from Starbucks. Some might do it daily. If we figure that that cup of coffee is about five dollars, then we can see that in 30 days a person will have spent $150 on coffee alone. To Beit Eshel, that amount of money would help us considerably. All that would be required from say, five people, would be to give up coffee at that price and instead donate it to our ministry.

For others, it may be something they know they need to give up like drinking or smoking–both expensive habits. With those funds which are being used to destroy one’s self in some way, it would enable us to pay our rent and to make outreach to those who have been affected by what amounts to a Holocaust–namely Native American tribes.

Is it not worth giving up coffee, something brought to us largely by indigenous South Americans, to bring this about? How about giving up cigarettes, which contain tobacco, brought to us by Native Americans? Alcohol? What larger margins of good might we do if we would stop focusing on our selves and pay attention to the larger picture?

For The Most Part, The US Is a “Me” Culture

We did not plant a tree here in part because where we are, at this moment in time, is not suitable soil in which to plant a tree. I would like for people’s hearts and minds to change so that it can become a place where we can plant trees and allow forests to once again thrive where they ought to. I would like to see the same thing happen where our spiritual beliefs are concerned. However, the cooperation we received from an individual in Israel a world away was done with more trust and consideration than most average experiences on a given day in our local area. Is this what we, as Americans, wish to be?

Making America Great Again

Unfortunately, making America great again may mean we have to remove all those who invaded it off of it because our selfishness is so high. I would rather think we have simply lost our way. That is partially why this ministry exists. You can help us.

Things We Still Need

Do you have land? Consider donating a portion. How about a trailer or RV? We could use those too. Solar panels? Absolutely. Money? Always. Do you have time? Are you in the region? Does the message resonate? Come by and see us. We can always use more hands and hearts and minds. Do you have a way we can reduce our basic living expenses? Great! We are all for new ideas, but we put more emphasis on those either doing them or helping us do them. Help us make the soil suitable for planting a tree. Help us actually make American great again. Help us heal the rifts. Become gardeners instead of consumers. This is the way forward–the way of life.

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Beit Eshel Needs Your Help

January 21, 2018

What is a Mishpat Messianic Congregation?

The term Mishpat usually means law or judgment with connotations of justice in Hebrew. At Beit Eshel, the term means those things, in addition to acting as an individual instrument of the justice of God. In other words, this act is also a personal matter in which we are involved. This means that we are often engaged in helping those to whom justice has been denied in an effort to restore balance between the Holy Kingdom of God and the World of Men. We do this through acts of charity and mercy as well as good counsel.

We also realize the necessity of those matters which extend well beyond our own discernment in matters of justice. This is why we are also Messianic–because we have faith that our sacrifice was met in the personage of Yahshuah who is the perfect arbiter of justice and mercy. We realize between justice and mercy lies love and that this is the perfect attainment of mishpat. It is our goal then as imperfect vessels to attain to mishpat as strongly as we can and to emulate the example of Yahshuah as well as we can so that our own conduct is a testament to his love and sacrifice.

Our Current Goals:

We believe strongly in living in harmony with the Earth. We believe that cultures who came before us often did this far better than we are doing now. One such culture that lived in harmony wth the Earth are the Native Americans which have suffered at the hands of many of our ancestors.

It is imperative to us, then, as an act of mishpat to make connections with the indigeneous tribes of the United States as much as possible and to begin to healing process between our peoples where we can. Currently, we are working with the Hopi to bring both resources and hopefully needed teaching. We do not seek conversion but rather a mutual harmony where both of our cultures are able to live on the Earth in a gentle way with their own views of God intact.

Our mission is to have a community of people dedicated to the restoration of all things, in Hebrew this is known as Tikkun Olam. Tikkun Olam literally means “repair of the world”, or “construction for eternity”. It is our responsibility for ourselves and our future decendants to help repair the ‘karma’ that was handed to us from our ancestors and take action to do everything in our abilities to bring harmony and balance into our lives and those around us. Through the learning and practice of the ancient traditions with a vision towards the future. To learn more about our Congregation, call us at 270-564-7771.

Our Current Needs:

Our ministry is a new one. Because of this, our needs are diverse. Here is a current wish list:

Two desktop computers not older than three years which would be suitable for running linux on for editing things such as podcasts/and or videos.

Land or an RV, Trailer, or all the above. We are looking to save money on our individual living expense. This would help us drastically slash our bills so that we can focus our funds on helping others instead of maintaining ourselves financially.

Money. We always need money. Right now, our funding goal is $50,000. This would help us maintain a church, gather needed supplies, and keep a roof over our heads. Likewise, this figure would allow us to make more outreach. In the end, all money is about our ability to increase our outreach while reducing our expense.